Health Safety Environment

Health, safety and the environment

Health, safety and welfare at work are matters of vital concern to the management of Preci-Spark who are responsible for:

a) providing a healthy and safe working environment
b) initiating and operating healthy and safe working practices, monitoring working areas, processes and methods in order to improve, wherever possible, standards of health, safety and welfare
c) training employees to work efficiently and safely with an understanding both of the nature of known hazards and the reasons for preventative measures
d) providing procedures whereby a prompt and positive response is made to queries on health, safety or welfare matters raised by employees
e) providing adequate arrangements for communication and consultation between management and employees on health and safety matters

Preci-Spark aims to reduce the harmful health, safety and environmental impacts of its processes by all reasonably practical means. All new activities are assessed for environmental impact and appropriate health and safety provision. All existing activities are subject to risk assessment with the objective of eliminating risk, substituting safer materials or processes and preventing pollution

Directors, the Health & Safety Officer and first line management are responsible for ensuring that this policy is enacted through integration into the normal management systems and giving it equal priority with all other aspects of business management. Implementation is through shop supervision who involve employees in the achievement of the Preci-Spark objectives.

All employees are expected to accept their responsibility to work safely, adhering to safety rules and work procedures, using safety equipment provided and generally contribute to the maintenance of safe and healthy conditions. They are also expected to be environmentally responsible.

Employees provide feedback to management through the works committee. This meeting promotes continuous improvement and good health, safety and environment practices.

Preci-Spark provides appropriate health, safety and environmental training to employees to enable them to meet the objectives. Additionally the company may employ the services of specialist safety professionals to advise its management.



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