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Gas Diffusers

Preci-Spark is the global market leading manufacturer of gas diffusers to the semi-conductor industry, producing a wide variety of gas diffusion showerheads for a range of applications within the industry. Our manufacturing capabilities and quality controls enable us to produce very complex geometry diffusers with high levels of repeatability.

Our speciality is the manufacture of brazed tube showerhead diffusers, and our array of technical capabilities enable us to produce diffusers in a wide variety of sizes and geometries. We have produced assemblies with over 50,000 brazed tubes across 3 chambers achieving vacuum seals in excess of 10−9 mbar.

In order to be able to offer our customers application-specific diffusers, we are capable of manufacturing assemblies in a range of materials and braze alloys.

With quality being the foundation to all of our manufacturing operations, we are excellently positioned to service the demanding standards of the semi-conductor industry and it is through the application of copy exact engineering practices and process control that we are able to provide our products to the required condition of supply, on time, every time.


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