Gender Pay Gap

Gender Pay Gap: Written Statement

The information and data presented on the Preci-Spark Ltd gender pay gap is correct as at 5th April 2017. The details are correct and comply with the government legislation on the publishing of the Gender Pay Gap. The figures have been reached using the mechanisms that are set out in the gender pay gap reporting legislation.

The figures published do not compare the pay rates for men and women doing the same job. The figures are based on general pay bands with no accounting for the type of roles. Unfortunately this means that there is a gender pay gap due to the nature of manufacturing industry.

Preci-Spark is committed to promoting equal opportunities in employment. Employees and any job applicants will receive equal treatment regardless of gender, age, disability, gender reassignment, marital or civil partner status, pregnancy or maternity, race, colour, nationality, ethnic or national origin, religion or belief, sex or sexual orientation.

Preci-Spark is an engineering company who manufacture components for the aerospace, industrial and semi-conductor markets. Unfortunately the nature of the work and the qualifications required do not attract equal numbers of men and women. We struggle to recruit women into certain roles due to the well established (and unjustified) male dominated nature of engineering.

We continue to be vigilant in ensuring that recruitment, promotion and other selection exercises such as redundancy selection will be conducted on the basis of merit, against objective criteria that avoid discrimination. We also promote flexible and part time working for men and women to help with the care of children and dependents. We ensure that there is fair and equal pay between full and part time workers.

William H Jones




 Gender pay gap figures as at 5th April 2017

Mean gender pay gap as a % of mens pay 18.11%
Median gender pay gap as a % of mens pay 18.34%
Proportion of males paid bonus 98.77%
Proportion of females paid bonus 92.50%
Mean bonus gender pay gap as a % of mens pay 36.28%
Medain bonus gender pay gap as a % of mens pay 30.19%


Gender pay gap quaterly figures

Quarter 1 - Males 97.30%
Quarter 1 - Females 2.70%
Quarter 2 - Males 95.54%
Quarter 2 - Females 4.46%
Quarter 3 - Males 93.69%
Quarter 3 - Females 6.31%
Quarter 4 - Males 77.48%
Quarter 4 - Females 22.52%






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