quality policy

Quality Policy

Goal - To sustain world class supplier status within the high technology engineering sector, employing best industry practices and upholding the highest professional standards.

Principles – Preci-Spark strives to deliver on time and to the right quality. Our operating principles are to conduct business with integrity, provide flexibility in our service and take an uncompromising approach to product quality.

Values – Preci-Spark respects and values its employees, customers and suppliers. It believes that success depends on every person performing their tasks with excellence and striving as a team towards our common goal. The company believes in conducting business in a fair, ethical and responsible manner which reflects our proud heritage.

Preci-Spark is committed to maintaining a Quality Management System of the highest possible standard expected by our customers and chosen industry sectors. In support of this, the Company holds certificates of accreditation to the International Aerospace Quality Group (IAQG) initiative
AS EN 9100 Revision D and International Quality Management System ISO9001:2015 .

In accordance with IAQG initiatives, Preci-Spark intend to take a proactive role in the setting of Quality Standards that deliver:-

i) Improvements in QUALITY.
ii) Improvements in PRODUCTIVITY.
iii) Improvements in DELIVERY.
iv) A basis for continuous improvement of our customers’ product.

The specific objectives and targets to realise the requirements detailed above shall be defined and reviewed by the Directors and Senior Managers and conveyed to all personnel through the Quality Manual as well as Works Committee and other communication activities.

The Company operates a training policy in line with nationally recognised standards. In addition to the practical engineering skills training all employees will receive instruction on the Quality Policy, Quality Procedures, Process Control, Safety, Environmental Issues and the Companies Objectives. This training will ensure a consistent approach to work both in-house and on our customers’ premises if required.

William H Jones            Ian Anderson
Director                          Group Quality Manager



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